Saturday, January 12, 2013

Opening Receptions This Week

I'm exhausted. This was the first week of classes and I've already been to three opening receptions on Thursday and Friday with one more on, Saturday. I was hoping to post wonderful new pictures of my installation in Ellensburg but I really need to get in there with a tripod and an empty gallery. The opening reception was too busy to take good images.  

Yakima River Diaries
my installation piece
The exhibition at the Sarah Spurgeon Gallery in Ellensburg had a nice write-up in the Yakima Herald this morning. They included only four pictures and a short video of Nickolus Meisel installing his work, but still it's nice to have press. I am mentioned and without any inaccuracies, so that's nice.

The show is up through Feb 8. The card indicates that the gallery is open weekdays 10-3 and weekends 1-4. I am going to try to go up again this weekend with a tripod to get good images.

my newest work (finished a week ago)
work from this summer (at Yakima River Diaries)

Voices of the River
After the reception at the Sarah Spurgeon Gallery most everyone walked over to the Museum of Culture and Environment to see the related exhibition, Voices of the River. The curator of "Yakima River Diaries" had installed a replica salmon stream in the lobby of the museum and had orchestrated a procession of wooden fish and children with balloons to walk over to the museum from the art gallery.

Abaya and Beyond
Larson Gallery in Yakima hosted a reception for its first show of 2013, Abaya and Beyond. The artist, Dr. Yvonne Pepin-Wakefield, taught art to women in Kuwait for five years and the paintings and photographs in the gallery are mostly from her time there.

It was a bit of a rough exhibition for her. On the way back from Kuwait to the US her box of paintings was run-through with a forklift, damaging frames and glass and ripping through canvas. She has spent at least the last year repairing the damage in anticipation of the show. Then, just a week ago she fell, managing to break one foot and the other leg. She was at the reception in a wheel chair with both legs held straight in front of her in casts.

"My Student" by Yvonne Pepin-Wakefield

Emerging Artists Exhibit
The exhibition I haven't gotten to yet this weekend is the Emerging Artists Exhibit at Allied Arts of Yakima. This exhibition opens Saturday (today) from 11-3pm. I don't know most of the artists, though yesterday I was disappointed to hear that they aren't local artists. I saw the call for entries a few months ago but it was unclear what Allied Arts meant by "emerging artist." As far as I could tell from the prospectus, I could apply. But I certainly don't consider myself an emerging artist in this community.

The Yakima Herald Republic also gave this exhibition some press earlier in the week.

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