Thursday, June 7, 2012

June Art Fest: Saturday

I'm too busy to really finish a post this week. I have several in the works, but this week is finals and grades are due tomorrow.

Saturday I will be showing my work at June Art Fest at Chalet Place from 9 to 5pm. Today I am packing and grading (and packing and grading).

Just one recent mini-sculpture to show, the rest are in the kiln but I forgot to take a picture.


June Art Fest is over. I did okay, sales-wise. I did enjoy a lot of interesting conversations and I prefer the cool weather this Saturday to the hot weather I've experienced during most summer art sales/fairs. It got pretty windy, though, near the end of the day. It was pretty scary inside the tent. At one point I caught my back shelf as it started to topple. I tried bungee-cording it to the tent but the tent was rocking so badly I ended up moving it inside. My EZ-Up tent was a very helpful piece of equipment, since the three walls prevented most of the wind from entering the interior of my display space. More thoughts on the show to follow, for now, here's a windy video:

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