Friday, February 17, 2012

More photos from my show

I finally got into the gallery with a camera and a tripod today. Unfortunately my computer isn't quite ready to accept RAW images. I have downloaded the software but need to restart and try to download the images again sans iPhoto. I suspect the lure of the Rib Shack will prevent me from finishing very soon. In the meantime, enjoy some pictures.

a slightly closer view of the wall installation

closer still

ah! too close

low fire ceramic and mulberry paper (inside center circle)

long piece with dry water lily sprigs

a group of friends

more water lily sprigs (and weird color in the photo)

side view

other side

this piece almost got caught on a lady's hat during the opening.

I brought some clay students into the gallery this week to visit the show. Before I could explain gallery etiquette, one student was standing at my wall, past the tape line on the floor that says "do no cross." He was petting the blue guy in the left of the picture above. Later he walked into a pedestal. (deep breath)

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